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Google has taken most of developer products from Twitter, including Fabric and Crashlyst

      Google and twitter has agreed upon a deal. Google is taking most of Developer products from twitter. Including its developer suite Fabric which are indulging in Crashlytics. Google is offering a job to every member of Twitter's Fabric...

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mobile micro bit

BBC micro: bit-Gary

  The BBC micro:bit is an innovation to get kides into coding. Primarily it started in UK but it showig its impact world wide. The micro:bit is a credit card sized computer which is made up of ARM Cortex-M0 microprocessor...

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Now API level 14 will be the minimum level supported by google play services and Firebase

  10.0.0 Version of google play services clint libraries as well as the firebase clint libraries for android will be the last version of these librariesthat are supported by Android API level 9. i.e Android 2.3, Gingerbread. 10.2.0 will be...

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Google Pixel XL vs. Galaxy S7 Edge: which one is Best

The Galaxy S7 edge is almost seven months old but still there is a battel between Google pixel XL and Galaxy S7 edge,  competition between Google pixel XL and Galaxy S7 Edge is neck to neck in terms of camera,...

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Android 7.0 Nougat is released: Things you need to know

Android Nougat is released, Google added some essential features to the Operating System. Android nougat doesn't make any big changes to the way your phone look and feels. But what they does is to  add some essential features and Polish our amazing...

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Project Loon by Google: Everything you need to know about it

As we know that half of the population of the world is still without Internet access. Project loon is research and development Project Being developed by X (Google's Semi secret research and development company). Its mission to provide internet access...

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