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Android 7.0 Nougat is released: Things you need to know

Android Nougat is released, Google added some essential features to the Operating System. Android nougat doesn't make any big changes to the way your phone look and feels. But what they does is to  add some essential features and Polish our amazing...

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Project Loon by Google: Everything you need to know about it

As we know that half of the population of the world is still without Internet access. Project loon is research and development Project Being developed by X (Google's Semi secret research and development company). Its mission to provide internet access...

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Now no one can cheat Pokemon Go

  Now no one can cheat Pokemon Go. Now Niantic has become strict with his policies. They are permanently  banning the accounts that are suspected of the following: falsifying their locations, using emulators, modified or unofficial softwares and/or accessing Pokemon...

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Fuchsia: New OS on which Google is working.

  Google's Engineers started working on new Operating System called Fuchsia.  One of the code submission comments was the cryptic phrase:"Pink + Purple == Fuchsia(a new operating system)" . Now the question arrises that: what is it for? Why google is  investing...

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Redstone 2 The Next Update of Windows 10

The next Update of windows 10 is coming soon. Microsoft is working hard for next update Codenamed 'Redstone 2'. Rumours is that the next update is releasing in spring of 2017. It will bring many features and enhancements to windows...

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Use 10 Amazing libraries to create your app’s Design

  The Android Library offers a number of features that are not built into the framework. These libraries offers backward compatible version of new features, Provide useful UI elements that are not included in the framework, and provide a range...

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