6 Reasons why Xiaomi Phones are better than other smartphones in market

6 Reasons why xiaomi MI is better than other smart phones

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Its very obvious that xiaomi is ruling over other featured brands like samsung, HTC, etc. But their are some very obvious reasons why this brand is under drastic demand in countries like India, Brazil and why these phones stand apart of the crowd of other smartphones.


1. Very Cheap Price:

This is the most exiting fact behind its drastic sale. Its lowest range smartphone is REDMI 1S which is available in India @ just ₹5,999. This phone is available on flipkart but remember you need to first wait for its next opening sale and need to register to book your stuff. And if the fortune is in your favor then this would automatically be added to your cart otherwise wait for its next sale.

Redmi 1S Cheapest Phone of Xiaomi

Redmi 1S Cheapest Phone of Xiaomi


2. Operating System:

Their another unique feature is their operating system which is not the android nor IOS but something different from them i.e. MIUI developed using core libraries of android and inspired from IOS.

They developed this OS in a hope that usesr would be able to get fusion of both ANDROID ‘n’ IOS in a single device in very affordable price.

MIUI Operating System

MIUI Operating System in XIAOMI smartphones


3. Features:

The biggest reason of all, their features. They provide the same features in just ₹5,999 as provided by other smartphones in or above ₹10,000.

They provide all existing Sensors like Compass/ Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and more. Provide very cool and easy UI even for naive users. You can check all of their specs and features from here.

And after watching its features in their present prices, I bet you would definitely change your perspective towards buying a smartphone or just an android phone.

You may also check its comparison from the Samsung S5.


4. Performance:

MI provides the range of smartphones, but one thing remain consistent in it their performance.
It has been proven that performance wise some of MI’s features are even better than some of the upper range iPHONES.

In their latest MI note series they are providing octa-core processors whose performance is about 78% better than Quad core ones, which lets you to play games more smoothly and run your apps very reliably. It also enhance power consumption and individually allocates tasks to each core. Isn’t it awesome.

XIAOMI Quad core processors

XIAOMI Quad core processors


5. Looks:

Lets come to their looks. They present each of their smartphone in very different way in terms of their color variations. Their variant ‘MI3’ is available in metal body and in two different colors i.e. metallic silver and dark glossy black.

The slight curve and its bright IPS display adds more feel to the phone. The other variants are also available in different different colors its totally up to you which you choose.

Xiaomi Mi 4 is also similar to MI3 which have IPS display with stainless steel frame.

Still of some looks of this Phone

Still of some looks of this Phone


6. Customization:

Likewise in a normal android phone you may also customize your personal MI phone by millions of ways.

Apart of Google’s PLAY STORE MI also provide their personal market for their user to let them download latest THEMES, WIDGETS and UPDATES in order to customize their phone and let your phone up to date.


Themes in XIOMI Phones

Themes concept in XIOMI Phones

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