Android 7.0 Nougat is released: Things you need to know

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Android Nougat is released, Google added some essential features to the Operating System. Android nougat doesn’t make any big changes to the way your phone look and feels. But what they does is to  add some essential features and Polish our amazing operating system.

Here’s Google  explain about Nougat:

Android Nougat also added some important to help keep users safer and more secure. Inspired by how chromebooks apply updates, we’re introducing seamless updates. so that new android device built on Nougat can install system updates in the background. This means that the next time a user power up their device, new device will automatically and seamlessly switch into the new update system image.

Features that is added in Android Nougat:

Multi windows Multitasking:  It provides Multi tasking windows. Sometimes we have opened two apps to do work but we are not able to see them at the same time. So to make our work easy Google has added this feature in Nougat.

Now you can open two apps on single screen together. The screen will be split 50/50 by default. And we can easily pull apps on the top and the bottom on a phone or left or right.

Make your phone feel Faster and use less battery: Android Nougat is way better in managing memory and it also consumes less battery.  when your phone’s screen has been turn off for a while, it stops doing work in the  background all the time.

Even better notification:  In android Nougat you can reply the notification from the tray without opening the whole application.

Using less mobile Data:  Applications running  in the background sucks your mobile data unnecessarily. The new data saver setting can help you to save your mobile data. By this you can block random data usage and restrict things for tweets or emails. Doing this you can save your mobile data. You can tell data saver to ignore that you don’t want to be active. And when these are active you’ll have an icon in your notifications to let you know that what’s going on.

More human emoji: Nougat has over 1,500 emoji, which looks likes much more human 🙂

Android TV recording and Picture-in-Picture: Nougat has come with scheduled recordings and records as you watch. This is a great feature for Televisions that come with Android TV. In this you will be able to save  multiple sessions.

New Zooming features: In this we will get new way of zooming that you see on your screen, we can also adjust the size of the text.

Source: Android central.


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