Android Studio 2.0 official with new emulator and new tools for app developers

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Android studio 2.0 is officially out. Google’s developing teem spend almost four months to make sure that all the bugs are removed. Now  Android studio 2.0 is out and ready to Wow android app developers with new capabilities for faster app building.

Most awaited feature of android studio 2.0  is  Instant Run. With this feature  developer can see how a little change in their code can affect the whole app almost instantly. now we don’t need to re-install and re-compile the APK.

Now android studio 2.0 brings emulator that is three time faster than any emulator before this is because of android studio now able to take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

Google said that the quality of tools available to developers greatly affects what type of apps they put out. The new features in Android Studio 2.0 greatly enhances the developers’ handle on working with multiple device and version of android.



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