Apple’s WWDC 2016 Event: Things you need to know

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In WWDC Event 2016 Apple made some important announcements about the new iOS update and the features on which they are going to work on. They also made an announcement that by the end of 2016 all the iOS apps will come with Secure connections over the web.

Now apple is going to make privacy feature mandatory. By january 1, 2016 all the apps brought  to app store must be implement ATS i.e. App transport Security to build rigid connection between apps and servers.  ATS became default feature of iOS 9 last year, to ensure apps don’t load resources “in the clear” over an HTTP connection, but only upon a secure variant called HTTPS. IN ATS, Encryption of Traffic is  made by Transport Layer security Layer(TLS) protocol version 1.2 ATS is also default in OS X 10.11.

Apple note in technical documents that ATS ” prevents accidental disclosure, provide secure default behavior, and is easy to adopt”.

Other things that Apple said in WWDC event:

  Apple is opening up its messaging app to developers with iMessage Apps. In the “App Drawer” user can access this iMessage app. Developer could build app for stickers. Emojis will be three times bigger and apple will be providing prediction that which emojis should appear in message. Now hand written messages and drawing is possible in the new messaging app.

• Apple is introducing a smart home app called Home app based on the company’s communication protocol called HomeKit.

• Apple is introducing subscriptions, so you can read news with paywalls right in Apple News.

• A downloaded music section is available be to quickly see which music is locally stored.. The “For  You” tab, where Apple suggest music, has “Discovery Mix” now at the top.This is where songs are tailored specifically for users.

• They introduce new Maps design, Apple maps will now show traffic conditions while driving along with the route. If there’s is traffic ahead, it will give alternative routes.

• Embedded computer learning is coming to the iPhoneIn iOS 10, your iPhone will locally be able to do facial recognition to scan photos stored in an iPhone The iPhone will also now be able to cluster photos based on criteria like trips, specific groups of people or topics.

• Now its turn of new update: iOS 10, Ten new features are coming. The first one is users experience. Apple is redesigning the lock Screen and will give user quick interaction with apps with an expandable use of 3D touch. User can now wake up the iPhone screen by simply bringing the phone up. In the lock screen user can press in and get updates from the apps, user can clear notifications from the lock screen.The control Screen now have special section for music.

• Apple is introducing “Universal clipboard” that lets users copy from an iPhone and Paste on their Mac

• Apple gives the demo of the watchOS 3 shows the now speedy app launch. one touch can start a ten minute timer or call a car on Lyft.

• They have introduced  New feature for writing messages called Scribble. User can quickly draw letters on the watch face and letter will appear on the top.

Source: Forbes

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