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The BBC micro:bit is an innovation to get kides into coding. Primarily it started in UK but it showig its impact world wide. The micro:bit is a credit card sized computer which is made up of ARM Cortex-M0 microprocessor and variety of sensors and LEDS.  it can be programed via JavaScript, MicroPython,  visual blocks editors, or in a C programming language. It is child friendly and in UK it has given free to childeren of age 7 years or equivalent.  Its prospectus is to built interest of children in coding.

The moto of micro bit is to  uplift the creativity in terms of  software and hardware amoung the new generation.

The micro:bit

Over  size of The micro:bit is 4*5 cm,  is made up of:

25 LEDs

2 programmable switches


An accelerometer

A compass

5 Ring type connectors

A 23Pin edge connector

Not only software but the fundamental of electronics can also be learnt by this. This can be programmed by number of ways by using python and JavaScript. this board is actualy based on ARM’s mbed OS platform. It offer n-number of programming environment which leads higher level programming access. but the basic principle is the same: Write a program, compile it and flash it on the board. Till the program is saved in the flash memory of the board it will run till the board is powered on.

mobile micro bit

The micro: bit is an excellent tool for learning. It is not necesarry that micro bit can only used with PC for the codimng and flashing. it can also be programed from our smarphone or tablet. There are micro:bit apps available for Android and iOS. This can be done over the bluetooth instead of USb cable. The programming environment of the app is is actually link with online web environment

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