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Android componet

Android is depends upon 8 main components i.e.  Activity,View,Intent,Broadcast Receiver,Content Provider,Services,Fragments etc. I am going to explain simply and further implementation i’ll show you later.Lets explore –

Activity :  Activity is Class of Android library which is like panel , Frame Awt  window of Java . At one time the screen of device we see is called Activity is performing.

View : View in Android is something which mean all those widgets we see in an Android app like Button,TextView,EditText etc.

Intent : Intent in Android is a Component which is responsible to bring values from one Activity to another and vice – versa .

Intent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContext(),Next.class);

Broad Cast Receiver : 

broadcast receiver (short receiver) is an Android component which allows you to register for system or application events. All registered receivers for an event are notified by the Android run time once this event happens.

For example : applications can register for the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED system event which is fired once the Android system has completed the boot process.

Content Provider : Content Provider Component supplies  information from one app to another app within the device. Content Providers allows you to centralize database and many application can access it.

Service : Service is a component in Android which allows to have background process like Music Player is running on Mobile Device then immediately one of your friend calls so Music Player Activity goes on Background and Call Activity comes in front .


Fragment : Fragment is small chunk of User – Interface (UI) . Means at a time if we press on one view its result shows on within the same Activity.



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