Cyanogen OS 13.1 now Available on OnePlus one: All Features you need to know

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Microsoft and Cyanogen Officially collaborated in Feburary on new Microsoft Modes, that phone makers and services providers could build into there systems. In back april, OnePlus one is released with cyanogen OS 13 which have the Marshmallow code base.

Now the company is releasing Cyanogen OS 13.1 for OnePlus One and important thing about this version is that it is Mod ready. Mod ready means A program for building future ready devices.  The new Mod ready program enable OEMs  to launch phone running cyanogen OS under the range of cheapest platform. This program enable OEMs to quickly  integrate Mod software in the devices. In this OS, without apps and app store consumer will new benefits.

Here’s the features that you need to know :

   Cyanogen 13.1 which have the ability to place the Skype calls within the phone dialer without installing it as a separate app.

  In this Cortana mod is coming with new feature like we can take selfie via voice command and we can use it without unlocking the device.

  You can view the tweets on your lock screen, i.e you can view it without unlocking the device and without opening the twitter app. For this, simply you have to swipe your phone left and you’ll move to tweeter’s full screen.

  Its hyperlapse Mod allow you to create smooth and stablized time lap video. By this you can set the speed, trim your capture videos and share hyperlapse videos.

Source: Android Authority

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