Features of new Paranoid Android 6.0

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The very first question that comes is, what is paranoid android? here’s comes the answer Paranoid Android is a custom ROM which extends the system’s working by enhancing the already existing beauty of android and following the same design and theories which Google has set for android open source project. Paranoid android one of the best AOSP ROM’s out there. Now paranoid android is coming with its new release i.e 6.0

Let’s take a quick look to its features:

   Floating Mode:

 Basically floating  mode is a floating window that we can use to view our application without open the whole app. This is useful for quick replying a message and doing this kind of fast stuff. There are three ways to enable floating mode:

1.  The first way is just long press any notification then it’ll turn dark and then on the right side the option will appear. tap it once and the app will get open in front of whatever work you are doing.

2. You can also open floating mode view by going to recent app view and find the icon there. You have to tap this icon once, this icon will be present at the top close to the close button.

3. You can also enable it in the quick setting. and whenever notification appear you have to click on the ” head’s up” notification to automatically open the floating window.

   OTS Control:

OTS is On The Spot control.  In some extent it is already present in the android tablets. It works in a way that when you slide down the notification bar, the notification comes normally but if you slide your finger down where the clock usually placed you’ll be able to open the quick settings in one swipe.

   Quick Setting to Add and Remove:

In Android Marshmallow, you can add and remove the quick setting tiles in a hard way. But in paranoid android this functionality inserted in quick settings automatically. You can able to move quick tiles and drag them up and down, as you do with icons in the home screen.  At the top of the status bar you will see a plus symbol from where you can add removed tiles.


Increase the simplicity of navigation bar while saving the screen space in immersive mode. use the navigation buttons using simple swipe.


Source: Android Authority.

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