For security reasons India has banned google Street view service

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Google Street View services has banned in India. For security Reasons Indian Government has decided to ban Google street view service. Technical committee of defence ministry has taken this decision. The defence ministry said that it was not possible to monitor the service once it was launched and it would be detrimental to national security.

according to the sources For street view in India Government is waiting for  information Geospatial regulation bill to be passed and once the bill is passed then the government then give some other idea to Google application. this bill will create limitations on Google maps which present the heigh resolution pictures of the area. Under this bill Indian government would impose fine of Rs 100 crore on the culprit who wrongly depicts India’s International Border on Maps.

Google street view service in India is used by terrorists:

One of the reason for government to ban google street view service in India is Pathankot Terrorist  attack that took place in January 2016. According to the intelligence bureau terrorist used google map service to know deeply about the airbase. Google map has shown the acute places like defence installation and nuclear power plant.

This service has launched in May 2007 in US to cover Las vegas, Miami, San Francisco and denver. in this a vehicles mounted with camera covered the streets in 360-degree view. But because of the security reasons many countries are serious about Google’s street view.  Apart from India, Czech Republic government also banned the street view.

Source: Google blog.


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