Fuchsia: New OS on which Google is working.

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Google’s Engineers started working on new Operating System called Fuchsia.  One of the code submission comments was the cryptic phrase:”Pink + Purple == Fuchsia(a new operating system)” .

Now the question arrises that: what is it for? Why google is  investing in it ? What is the goal of this project? but honestly no body knows answer of these questions except Google. But we grab some clues.

Fuchsia uses the (L)ittle (K)ernal and Magenta. LK is small operating System suited to small embedded devices and bootloaders.

Now you might be thinking that what is Little kernel : Little Kernal is a boot loader that perform the basic task of hardware intialization, reading the Linux Kernal and ramdisk from storage and loading it upto RAM, setting it initial registers and command line arguments for Linux Kernal and jumps to the Kernal. “Android Bootloader is also LK bootloader”. It also Supports flashing and recovery.

LK runs in 32 bit mode even in 64 bit architecture.

Magenta is higher up the food chain. It is designed for the system which have more memory and which is peripheral. For example, Magenta has the concept of a process whereas LK does not, Magenta has a user mode (where user programs run) where LK does not . So It seems that Fuchsia is Magenta built on the top of LK.

Current source code include lots of interesting stuff like support of Dart, JSON, logging, SSL, Clang, LLVM, Rust and special version of fortune- a simple program that displays  a pseudo-random message.

According to code commit comments from the flutter project, it looks like a lot work has been done to get flutter to get Fuchsia. Now lets see What is flutter: It a new project to help developers to build height performance, heigh fidelity mobile apps for iOS and android from a single code base.

May be Fuchsia is replacement of Linux in android or replacement for android itself. So there are many guesses about it. But no one knows that for which project google is making this new Operating system.

Source: Android Authoriry.


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