Get Started With Best Login And Registration Form Design

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Hey Folks ! How are you all, Today I am going to show you how to develop an Login and Registration Form with cool design and coding . Get started with designing part and let me tell you one thing this registration form will be used in our upcoming tutorial series so keep visiting our next articles.Now lets start with coding –

Before starting I want to share something with you that colour coding should be good so that your application should look cool and understandable. You can use my colour code library for that , here is one look for that –


android arena_colors

Step 1  – Create new project and give whatever name you want and see I have used two gradient xml in drwable folder for designing –

Note – Icons is in downloaded code drawable-hdpi folder.

Download code

This file namely greybackound.xml is basically a gradient file for designing ,It is situated in drawable folder.

Right click on res –> New folder –> drawable and paste the following codes.


btn.xml is for button gradient like corner is circled.

 Login.xml file for login form design , paste this below code in your project –




Now activity_main.xml which is your Registration xml file paste the below code here –





Now Coding part in java, I just simply connect two pages on click of Register here Text in login page. so here is my file-

 AndroidManifest.xml file .

So final hierarchy of the project will be –


Output –




For more query and errors do post and comment in the below Disqus section :p till then Happy Coding  :p

  • Er Jaswant Sidhu

    Wooooooohhhh !!! cool stuff ……exactly looking for the same stuff for so long …:) Thanxxxxx

    • admin

      Thank You Jaswant …keep reading 🙂

    • Thank You Jaswant Sidhu …keep reading 🙂

  • Rohit Kashiwal

    Nice tuts bro

  • Ala El Din

    where are the php and mysql part?

    • Hi ala el din ,
      It was just a design as mentioned in a subject . but you can google for it . thanks

  • vijay maddhesiya

    hi friend i want learn sqlite database ,please help me.
    please provide me link for basics sqlite

  • ragha

    this is not executing properly in my system

    • Ragha @ what error you getting , can i have the snapshot please !!

  • asmita biswas

    hi, i have created a main activity where there are 2 buttons Login and Register. on clicking register button its going to next activity where user need to fill the form and submit. it will store in database. after that next time whenever i m trying to login with registered id and password its showing “id/password doesnt match”. I wrote simple code for Login validation. it checks whether the inserted Id is matching with the password stored in the same row of table. but every time its shows id/pd is not matching. i wrote a simple and correct code for validation . i think something is wrong with database. i cannot see my db file in file explorer in eclipes. can you share the code for storing registered info in database and how to check whether data is properly storing in database or not.

  • Mahak Bagha

    when i clicked on “register here” option. The app crashed. Runtime error

    • sharique zahidi

      hi Mahak..

      put this code before SetContentView


      ur problem will be solved after this

  • Ratna Raju

    “Login cannot be resolved or is not a field”
    “reg cannot be resolved or is not a field”
    these two errors Im getting file

  • Abdulla Shaikh

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    plzz R kya error aaraha hai

  • Numan Riaz

    good one