Get Started with Radio Button – UI Widget


Hello folks ! working with another UI widget in android application is very easy task. Radio Button is used to quick select and select the choice between two or three. So, just start with Radio Button coding parts . I will show you complete registration form using sqlite later on with my tutorial series. How to make a proper animated registration form I will show you later. But first you should learn UI widgets so that you can fit according to your need.

Tip – While using Radio Button you should use RadioGroup in xml ,that’s a good practice for being a developer .

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So lets start with designing part . main.xml

Now , working with MainActivity I am going to give the file name is the Java file I have just defined the below line i.e.

Ouput – radio_button This is the quick and simple Radio Button in android application. You guys can include these two lines as I above mentioned. and can have the access in your app. For more query and suggestions please comment here . 😛