Google Pixel XL vs. Galaxy S7 Edge: which one is Best

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The Galaxy S7 edge is almost seven months old but still there is a battel between Google pixel XL and Galaxy S7 edge,  competition between Google pixel XL and Galaxy S7 Edge is neck to neck in terms of camera, screen size, specs and price. Google wants same responce from the customers as that of samsung is getting  from last few years.

Features and its Specifications:

Samgung  have an extremly unique looks its phone, Perticularly with its Unique Edge model but on the opposite side Google pixel has much broader appeal. Samsung S7 edge  is tough to hold onto due to its edge shape and 5.5-inch size, on the other hand Pixel XL has “wedge” shape which helps in contract its large size. Google pixel has less glass to scrach over time and  again galaxy S7 edge is water proof.

full specs:

            Category                       Google pixel XL                                              Galaxy S7 Edge 

Operating System            Andriod 7.1 wth Google UI                             Android 6.0

 Processor                         Qualcomm Snapdragon 821                         Qualcomm Snapdragon 820                                                                                                                       or octa core samsung Exynos  RAM                                             4GB                                                                   4GB

display                             5.5 inch 2560×1440 ALMOND                   5.5 inch 2560×1440                                                                   Gorilla Glass 4                                           Almond Dual edge screen  gorilla                                                                                                                                    glass 4

Rear camera           12MP, 4k video , 240fps slow-mo                   12MP, 4k video , 240fps slow-mo

Front Camera                           8MP, f/2.4                                                            5MP f/1.7

Battery                      3450 mAh Non-removeable                                 3600 mAh Non-removeable

IP rating                                       IP53                                                                                      IP68

Fingerprint Sensor                     yes, Back                                                                      Yes, front

storage                              32/128 GB non-expandable                                32 GB MicroSD card up to                                                                                                                                                2TB

Weight                                           168 g                                                                             157 g

 There is no doubt that both of the phone offers well executed design, heigh speed and lot of features. But Samsung S7 edge has overall win in terms of  Specifications but Pixel have much chances to get update in next 2 years and google also claims that pixel is as secure as apple phones and Pixel XL has a little something extra in terms of speed….

So if you are one who would preffer simplicit, speed and latest software go for agoogle pixel but if you are familier with samsung’s extra features, familiar feature and different design then Go and get Samsung S7 edge.. 🙂

source: Android central

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