Google’s Big Event Tommorow – Checkout what’s in Google’s Mind

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Hello folks! latest news coming from technology market that Marketing giant Google Inc.  having a meeting tomorrow that is  15-oct-2014 . After Google Inc event their is a another big event from Apple Inc. So I am very much excited about this event and good news is that Google has to launch something news in comparison to I phone 6 and plus . Lets explore what is in Google’s mind –

Google can launch final and stable version of Android Operating System “L” v5.0 namely Lollipop in Nexus 9 developed by HTC. This Phone has 9 inch or probably 8.9 inch with 2048*1440 pixels, powered by Tegra K1 Chipset with 8 MP rare camera. It has 16 GB . Market research cost of this phone is Rs.24000.

Google is also want to launch Nexus 6 manufactured by Motorola.It has 5.9 inch display , snapdragon 801 Chipset with 3 GB RAM with 16/32GB storage.

Google is also expected to unveil second version of Android Wear(V2.0) , which is going to be a Upgarde version of Android Wear.News from the market says it will work independently without the support of smartphone all the time.

Market watches says that Google Inc. can also launch Android TV. Cross your fingers and watch what is going to be launched by Google .

Whatever Google will launched its going to be awesome. So, get updated every time with me 🙂

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