Google’s Official Chat Application for Smart Phone Users Likely To be Launched in 2015

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Hey Folks! How are you all , A shocking news coming from the technology market that Google Inc. is going to launch Chatting Application like whatsapp, hike, Wechat etc.

As per the report of TOI (News) It seems that After loosing Whatsapp deal from Whatsapp Inc. to Facebook Google developer want revenge from facebook and thus they want Google’s instant chatting Application for smart Phone Users.

Yeah ! News is shocking and Boom also for Android Phone Users because Android Operating system is used in India widely. And as per Indian market people probably prefer free Applications over paid application. Google sent Top product Manager Nikhyl Singhal to India in order to research for Instant Messaging ( IM ) ecosystem , so that what Type of Application actually Indian market wants till date.

Nikhyl ,Who is product manager of Hangout, google+ , Photos touring India for betterment in Chat App.

Google will definitely take care of the processing and Instant messaging ,High Speed server that can handle mass Users emission. Application will be free of cost unlike Whatsapp that charges  53 per year after one year of free usage.

Also, Google will not force to create any Google account for that particular Applications. So, Processing will be faster. Google is very taking very much interest on Indian market because of high Population and market here is growing and strategy is like to adding Hindi language support to the Application and Voice to Text writer for simplicity .

Indian market is going to be 2 giant market of smart world after China in 2019 . So preparation for it on the way by Google and that’s a good initiative.

Competition will be tough for this Google ‘s App because Whatsapp , Hike ,Viber ,WeChat,Line takes too much Users in hand and that’s why Google will take care of new features to be add on application. Lets have a look over Users worldwide of different application till August –

Whatsapp – 600 m .

WeChat – 438 m.

Viber – 378 m.

Line – 400 m. 

Hike – 35 m.

* Over 1 million Users join everyday on 15 Chatting Applications.

So, what you think what should be the application name ? please give your suggestions to Google for Application name .Feel free to ask anything and keep visiting Us. Thank You!

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