How to root your Android Phone in an easier way

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As you all know that Android is a linux based operating system and uses linux permission. You sign in as a user and you permitted to do all those things that is based on user permission. Every application that we install have its own user ID. Root is also a user, but this super user has permission as of an admin, that it can do anything to any file in the system. By becoming root user we can do things like uninstalling the apps that are forced on us by the developers of those applications, even if we don’t want to use them we have to keep them in our phones and that applications unnecessarily consume our device’s memory.


Rooting your Android phone means adding a standard linux function that was not present in your device. This happens by rooting a file called “SU”  installed in the system and gives the permission of superuser. That “SU” stands for Switch User . It will give you permission of doing anything like add, remove, access functions on your Android device that you couldn’t use before.

Everybody wants to get rid of those worthless applications.

To rooting your phone you have to do few things like installing SDK or unlock your Boot loader. But these are little complex things.


You can use Commercial Root Apps  :

There are few apps which are easy to use to root your phone like :

 Kingo Root

 Towel Root

By using these apps you can root your phone without using computer. These cannot root every phone but yes you can try these atleast once to root your phone. May be it will help you.

But we recommend you to do factory reset your phone before using these apps. Because these apps may affect your data. After that you remain rooted and for saferside you can again do factory reset your phone and then sign in normally.

Kingo Root 


You can use this application with or without computer if you are using it with windows computer, then make sure that you have correct usb driver installed in your phone. What you need to do is simply plug your device to computer and start the application, then it will process things automatically. After that click the button labelled “Root”   in this software. After all this you will see the list of all the root application. If system say it was successful then HURRAY !!!! you will become a superuser of your device.


Using Towelroot :  


Geohot , the well known iphone hacker wrote Towelroot application which was popular rooting app. All you need to do –

•  Just download the app.

 Install the app and run by clicking on lembda sign in the middle of the app window.

It will exploit running kernel and gives you temporary access of system’s file, once this process is completed the file run as root.


Source: Android Central.

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