How to start and Design your first Mobile App – Basic Need

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Hello fellas !! so here is Android Arena’s first and important information for those who want to learn and develop Mobile Application’s whether the platform is Android , Blackberry , Apple or Windows .

As you can see we going to teach you Android developing first so , Here is the solution for those who are eager to learn and develop Apps ..

1). first of all set your mind and think again that you want to develop Android Apps or not if yes , then count in which language or script language you are perfect . eg: c,c++,java,javascript etc.

2). After choosing your first and best language , accordingly choose its platform/IDE (Integrated development environment) like eg:

a). JAVA and XMl use Eclipse with ADT Bundle for windows/linux/Mac.
b). C# use NDK within Eclipse.
c). HTML5 , JAVASCRIPT,CSS3 use Intel XDK,Phonegap,Android Studio Beta version but personally I’ll recommend Intel XDK or Phonegap .

For Building Better and nice Mobile Apps one needs to have a good Photoshop designer if you have capabilities to design then it is well and good otherwise no problem we will teach you how to design with CODE only later on this series of Android Arena.

For those who want to develop Games in Android than it’s not a problem just go through our tutorials we will teach you how to develop games .

5 thoughts on “How to start and Design your first Mobile App – Basic Need

  1. iphone app builder

    The post you wrote was worth reading . Could
    youu also tell me, what platform is this website built on top?
    I just want to be sure that I utilize the bst platform before I begin blogging.
    Thank you.

    1. admin

      Hello ,

      Thanks for reading our tutorials , but this is only the information about how to design or make your app. so if you want to blog then google Blogger ,Wordpress id the best.


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