Indus OS : world’s first Regional Operating System

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Indus OS is world’s first regional operating system created by Mumbai based startup.It is the Second biggest OS in India. This OS is developed to cater the saperation between the economic, regional and the social classes of the country. This OS doing it by the medium of smartphone to connect all the classes with the digital world and with each other. these are the first customized smartphone that meets the real needs of the emerging market’s regional language through innovation,simplification and localization. In short Indus OS is focused in creating regional smartphone.

In this you’ll get whole interface in regional language. It is android based operating system having its own App store, called App Bazar. Currently it has 30,000 apps on the App Bazar. and targets 10,0000 apps over the next one year.



  The Indus OS currently supports  English and 12 major languages (Malayam,Telugu,tamil,Odisa,Assamese,Punjabi,kannada,Gujarati,Hindi,Urdu,Bengali,Marathi)

 • In this on the swipe of your fingure you can translate text between English & regional language. This swipe is called Indus swipe.

 • It also supports word and Matra prediction in regional language.

 • This  OS convert Text to speech i.e text to in your native language. For instance if you are reading something online then you can select that text and after selecting that you’ll see two floating buttons one is of getting speech in english and another is of getting speech in your regional language. by selecting any of them your text will be translated  to that language in form of speech.

 • This OS is providing free text messaging service between Indus OS users.

 • Auto Correction Feature is also present in this OS. it have 200,000+ words database in 12 regional languages

 • It has “all-in-1” Keyboard. It means we can type in regional language by using the English keyboard.


 • Currently India has 220 million smartphone user.

 • out of smartphones sold between January and March, 1.6 million ran on indus OS.

 • Indus’s target of user base is of 100  million by 2018.

 • After Micromax, it is planning to  tie-up with other home grown smartphone market.

source: Indus, Business-standards.

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