Its a misery for iPhone users or a mess for Apple Inc.


Well its really a peak time for apple because they’ve  launched their new successor for their iPhone series i.e. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, but is it really rolling over the market or not its still a very big question.

Recently, we’ve got a major bug in an iPhone 6 as per a user reported yesterday on a forum of macrumors.

He reported about how he got a bent on his iPhone when he drove about 4 hours his car keeping his phone in his front pocket, then 2-3 hours dancing and about 5-6 hour nap and other activities.

So after all these 10-12 hours activities when he took his iPhone out on a table he found a bent near its camera.


This is not the end yet, even a user also have shared a video over youtube showing where he got a bend on his iPhone 6 plus.

Check out this video for the iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

And It would be definitely amaze you when you came to know that after this viral post some visitors have noticed a bend feature update on apple’s website, tweeted the same on twitter.

These are some of the signs that still proves ANDROID PHONES > iPHONES.



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