Lollipop Review – A revolution in the customization in Smart Phones

Chrome tabs to pin processes in Lollipop

Hello fellas, we hope you’re doing great.

I think this might be the right time that we should reveal you guys that which powers android offering you in their latest android version i.e. Lollipop 5.0.

According to me, this might turn out as the sweetest android version so far, as you may check the perks it is offering us:-

1. Face Locking Feature:

In the security menu you may find this cool face locking feature by tapping on “Trusted Face” in the “Security” option in settings.

Give your system some tries to let it recognize more better.

This time lollipop make this thing so fast and reliable, it recognize faces more reliably and precisely than previous android versions.

Lollipop Face Lock Feature


2. Lock Screen:

Lollipop making things more handy and easy for their users. Users can even manage their chat threads and even their notifications very easily on the lock screen.

Notification for messages, E-mail, Whatsapp and all would no longer disturb you badly, and you can even manage chat with your ex and real GF very easily.

Android Lollipop Lock Screen


3. Chrome Tab View:

Lollipop bring that cool tab feature in chrome browser of switching effect in it. You can now manage your recent apps very easily and in very handy way.

You can manage this UI from the system settings > Security >Screen Pinning, and can enable or disable easily.

In order to feel this view just long press the square shaped button and scroll in upward direction.

Their you can pin your process by simply tapping on it.

Chrome tabs to pin processes in Lollipop


4. Guest account access:

Well, this is not the product of microsoft or a version of windows but still you can feel some its cool features here in Lollipop.

This is the time you won’t be hesitate to give your phone to your colleague or friend to whom you expect of data losses or losing privacy because android this time got a very revolutionary feature of account switching.

You can switch your account from the quick setting by swiping down your top panel. Just tap the avatar on the extreme right of the screen.

When you supposed to get back your account back, just do the same thing followed by your security pattern or pin you’ve set before.


5. Customization of the notifications flow on the home:

You can easily set up your notification priority criteria in Lollipop. You can now have your prioritized notifications before any other illegitimate app’s notification.

App notification in Lollipop

You just need to go to the “Sound and Notifications” then “App Notifications” in system settings, and Tap on any app you want to customize for notification and finally toggle the switch for “Priority” to whitelist it.



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