Mount FlashDrive to your Android device using OTG

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Hey Nerds!! today is something interesting. Lets take an example:  If you are going on a long trip and not carrying your laptop,  the trip seems boring to you and you wish to watch a movie. now the problem is that you are not having your laptop with you nor you can attach removable storage on your android device. So take your flash drive with you which have ample of storage space.

Connect a flash drive to your android device is very simple and of low cost.  So lets take a look that what all you need to safely connect and disconnect  the flash drive in your phone:

For this your phone must supports On-The-GO (OTG) functionality.

   First thing that comes in our mind is that does our phone supports On-The-GO function or not. So to check it all we need is only one app download. Yes you heard it right, Google play store have a great app called OTG. This app scans your phone automatically and let you know that does your phone supports OTG function or not.

  Second thing, what you will need to connect the flash drive to your device: A USB OTG cable. 

OTG cable

some of the phones come with OTG cable. If your phone is not one of them then don’t worry you can buy this cable from Amazon in super cheap price. This cable allow you to connect the flash drive with your phone.

  Third you need a Flash Storage device. Any storage device that comes with USB connector act as flash device. Now it is up to you how much storage you need.. If you don’t have one You can purchase the flash device online.

flash drive

You can connect it to your computer transfer files and then connect it to your phone to see the files.

How to Connect USB flash storage with your device:

1. Connect the OTG cable to your Android phone.

2. Connect your USB flash storage device into the female connector of OTG cable. then the file explorer on your phone will automatically pop up.

Now the device is connected and you will be able to play media from it..

Now see how to Disconnect a USB flash device from your phone:

  Swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen.

   Tap USB mass storage connected and from there you can disconnect the flash device

source: android central.



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