Pokemon GO Update, latest feature: Everything you need to know about it

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Pokemon update


Version 0.33.0 released on 8 August, 2016 (A wonderful Day and Date) 

This version comes with number of features like ability to –rename your trainer once, –Now it also going to show warning that asking you to confirm that you are not actually driving while playing–

Here’s the new features that comes in Update of Pokemon Go:

Only an iOS update:  Battery saver mode, which was reported buggy by many user, has made bug free in this Update.

Rename your trainer: Update for android user that user can change nickname of the trainer only once. so now choose your Nick name Wisely.

Warning to the Players: This update comes with XP bonus corrections and in addition of that  warning to the players who might be traveling in the  vehicle.. In This Trainers will have to indicate they aren’t  driving.

Player progress reset to Level 1:  There was an alarm is introduced after the update was released because some players reported that there progress was reset to Level 1. Its not clear that it is because of the Update but Niantic said that this problem caused when user gave two accounts( One google and other with Pokemon Trainer Club) and switch between them.

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So friends enjoy the latest Update of Pokemon GO 🙂

Source: Android Central


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