Project Loon by Google: Everything you need to know about it

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As we know that half of the population of the world is still without Internet access. Project loon is research and development Project Being developed by X (Google’s Semi secret research and development company). Its mission to provide internet access to rural and remote areas.  this project uses high-altitude balloons placed in Stratosphere at an altitude of about 18 KM to create an areal wireless network with up to 4G- LTE speed.

Its aim to launch and maintain a fleet of balloons to provide internet coverage to users on the ground, with autolaunchers  capable of safely and consistently launching a new balloon every 30 minutes. they have flown 17 million Km to test flights to date since the project began. One of there record breaking balloons survived  for 187 days in the stratosphere.

Now a Question  arise that how they make connections?

The high speed internet is transmitted upto the nearest balloon  from our telecommunication pattern on the ground. They demonstrated data transmission between balloons over 100 KM apart in the stratosphere and back down to people on the ground with connection speed of upto 10Mbps, directaly to there LTE phones.


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The balloons use Patch antennas– which is directional antennas to transmit signals to ground stations or LTE users. Some smartphones with google SIM card can use Google internet services. The whole infrastructure is based on LTE, the eNodeB component (the equivalent of the “base station” that talks directly to handsets) is carried in the balloon.

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