Redstone 2 The Next Update of Windows 10

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The next Update of windows 10 is coming soon. Microsoft is working hard for next update Codenamed ‘Redstone 2’. Rumours is that the next update is releasing in spring of 2017. It will bring many features and enhancements to windows 10 Mobile Users. The company says the first several Redstone 2 build will not include new features, as they are currently working on refactoring OneCore,The subsystem of Windows 10 that helps make it scale universally across many devices.

Redstone 2 was initially scheduled to launch later this year but because of some internal delays Microsoft decided to launch this update in early 2017. In 2017 Microsoft going to launch two major updates for windows 10:  Redstone 2 in early 2017 and then a Redstone 3 in summers/fall of 2017.

In summarised form:

 Redstone 2 is launching in spring 2017

• It could launch along with new surface hardware

• It will give feature enhancement and gaming improvements

• Bigger focus on Windows 10 Mobile

PCs are the first to get new RedStone 2 preview builds, with mobile Mobile Builds.


Source: windowscentral


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