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Amal Augustine, who is final year student of electronics engineering bought the domain maxchanzuckerberg.org  last december. This is short form of Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter’s name which is ” Maxime Chan Zuckerberg”.

This boy is from kochi. Facebook recently purchased this domain name from him.  However deal has been done at very low price.  The domain was sold for a amount of $700, But is excited with the fact that he  has been contacted by facebook. In his words, “I have registered quite a few domain names and i have been doing it for sometime. I registered this domain name when their baby was born last december”.

Amal was approached through GoDaddy, this company was enquiring about his will to sell the domain and for what amount. He replied, an amout of $700. But when he send an Email to close the deal he saw that it was from FB. Sara Chapel  who was manager of “liconic capictal ” had send this mail. This firm which takes care of financial deals of Mark Zukerberg.

Amal said,” when the letter came officially mentioning the change of registration, I noticed the FB letterhead.  But scince it was not legal to negotiate, I just went ahead and closed the deal in seven days.”

Amal did cybersquatting, a process in which a domain of a treadmark which belong to someone else or the organization is bought  and later it is sold to same person or organization to higher rate.

resource : www.rajnikantvscidjokes.in