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wi-Fi railway station

On September 12 in 2015, Indian railway announced its partnership with the tech giant Google to provide free Wi-Fi service to 400 railway stations across the country. In January 2016, Mumbai central station had become the first railway station in India to have free Wi-fi facility, where more than 100,000 people are already logging into the high speed Wi-Fi every week and now the service has been extended to 9 more railway stations.

The other 9 stations are :

1. Bhopal

2. Bhubaneshwar

3. Ernakulam Jn

4. Kacheguda

5. pune

6. Raipur

7. Ranchi

8. Vijayawada

9. Vishakhapatnam

You’re in luck! if you’re one of the 1.5 million people who travel through the above railway stations everyday. Now while waiting for your train, you can access free high speed Wi-Fi. It will make your wait productive and enjoyable.

Here is the points you need to know about it :

1. The project has been named as Nilgiri.

2.  Government will provide this  free Wi-Fi  service to passengers in 400 railway stations across the country.

3.  User will be able to access this free Wi-Fi service for the first 30 minutes.

4.  A special one time password has been generated to this purpose and user will be able to access internet by using it.

5.  The project employs Google’s fiber technology.

6.  under Fiber technology, company provides internet service upto the speed of 1GB per second.

7. Google Fiber is launched in 2010 and the service is available in united states of America.

8.  Using satellite communication technology, the Indian railway is also providing Wi-Fi connectivity in moving trains for selected routes.

9.  The project Nilgiri will carried out in phases.


So now people passing through these first 10 stations will enjoy being able to easily stream an HD video, research their destintion, or download a book or a new game for their journey ahead.

Resource: Indiatoday, m.androidcentral.com.