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LG G5, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+  are receiving small updates from verizon. Different set of features are available in every update. In these updates we got security update, Visual Voice mail enhancements and many more.

Features that Verizon Note brings in new update of LG G5 are:

   Airplane mode Security Enhancement:

You can enable airplane mode with the long press of power button, but firstly you have to unlock the screen if you are using mentioned methods to lock the screen like: Finger print, knock code, pin pattern lock, pin, Password.

   Visual Voice Mail updates:

In this you will get new user friendly speaker and volume icons, GUI of volume icon is simple.

   Data Usage:

In this update your Device will display data usage to Microsoft Exchange Active Server(EAS).

The Note 5 Update Brings:

   Latest Android security patches, a fix to false “No SIM Card”  detected error messages.

   It brings improved version of audio routing for incoming calls.

   It brings a new feature like in this we can answer video call as just a voice call.

Galaxy S6 edge+ brings:

The feature of Note 5 and S6 are almost same as

    Both have Android Security patches and improved version of incoming calls.

   In this also we can answer video call as just a voice call.


Source: Android Central