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A Jury has made decision in favour of Google in its  fight against oracle in the court over the use of companies Java API in android. In the question that is Google making “fair use” of Java APIs under the copyright law?  Jury answered “yes”, in Google’s favour.

This amendment is just the latest chapter in between the fight of two biggest tech companies. At first in 2010 oracle filled its lawsuit petition against Google saying that Android use of Java violating its patents. In 2012 another jury made its decision in favour of Google. In 2014, Federal Circuit requested court that the case should go back to the District Court, saying that Oracle did in fact  have copyright protection of their Java APIs.

The original copyright holder of Java Sun Microsystems had previously explained its disinclined approval of the way that android is using  its Java APIs, which is creating new, unique and inovational products. But Oracle made its own outlook on what had been done and the way it was done, after purchasing Java from Sun Microsystems.

Google said in a statement that ” This victory is good for everybody. Today’s verdict that android makes fair use of Java APIs represent win for android ecosystem, for the Java programming community, and for software developers who rely on open and free programming languages to build innovation consumer products”.

However Oracle’s general counsel,Dorian Daley, said that

“We strongly believe that Google developed android by illegally copying the core Java technology to rush into the mobile device market. oracle bought this lawsuit to put stop to Google’s illegal  behaviour. We believe there is numerous ground for appeal and we are planning to bring this case back to Federal circuit on appeal”.

But now things are normal,developers can breath a sigh of relief, we’ll focus when appeal process start again.


source: android central