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Hello nerds , how you doing today i am going to tell you guyz more about JSON and its power ,Lets quickly open the chapter of this series.JSON – Java Script Object Notation is a light weighted data interchangeable  which is text based and very good for programmers so that they can parse it and show data on client side.

Faster Than XML.Checkout this official website of JSON for deep knowledge http://json.org/ .

  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.(Works on Key and Value)
  • This format was specified by Douglas Crockford.
  • This was designed for human-readable data interchange
  • It has been extended from the JavaScript scripting language.
  • The filename extension is .json
  • JSON Internet Media type is application/json
  • The Uniform Type Identifier is public.json.


  • It is used when writing JavaScript based application which includes browser extension and websites.
  • JSON format is used for serializing & transmitting structured data over network connection.
  • Used to transmit data between server and web application.
  • Web Services and API.s use JSON format to provide public data.
  • It can be used with modern programming languages. like python,java,Android and PHP etc.
    Android": [       //jsonArray starts from []
       "language": "Java",
       "API": "1",
    {                 // Jsonobject starts from {}
       "language": "C++",
       "API": "2"