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Hey folks ! how you doing , today’s tutorial is going to be awesome because I have just found a beautiful Customized third party Range Bar for Android developers , All those who want to integrate Range Bar in their application are more welcome and should learn and download this code , library developed by edmodo .

For this awesome third party  Range Bar you have to import Range Bar libraries first which i included in the code below.

Developers can customize the following things–

  • bar color
  • bar thickness
  • tick height
  • number of ticks
  • connecting line thickness
  • connecting line color
  • thumb normal image
  • thumb pressed image

Step 1 — Just Goto File –>> New –>> import –>> Android Project –>> browse –>> select the Range bar library.

Download code

Now you just need to import this project in your application and yeah , your Range Bar is working.

Lets start with designing part first – paste the below code -According to your need –


Now file for photoshop like color picker — paste the below code –

Now the file — paste the below code

you hav to add one more file in java that is

SO, it’s  time to Run your project and you will see an awesome results .

OutPut –


Feel free to ask anything and any topic you want to cover :p