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Hello Guys!! As we told you in our last post that google has just released its android Marshmallow update but that is with some flaws, but now the new firmware i.e Android N is updated on samsung devices..

But insider source reveals that google is set to put android’s latest operating system on much awaited Galaxy Note 6.

Release of galaxy note 6 is scheduled on july 2016 with new android N. Galaxy Note will have “5.8 inch quad HD display with resolution 0f 2560*1440 pixel, it is expected to come with 6GB of RAM, 12 megapixel camera and 64GB/128GB storage offering”.

But on the other hand PC’s advisor said that google’s android N is release is set to take place on May 18-20,2016 at google I/O 2016 when registered participants and observer can have preview on the Android N’s features. Still their is a suspense that what does N stands for in Android ‘N’. It may be nachos or nougats.

Currently marshmallow update is gradually released on some of the devices but it is not uniform in all the devices due to carrier networks..But no worries, soon we have an operating system which going to facilitates us with multiuser window, direct reply notification and split-screen.

So finally the countdown has begain