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Hello folks ! working with another UI widget in android application is very easy task. Radio Button is used to quick select and select the choice between two or three. So, just start with Radio Button coding parts . I will show you complete registration form using sqlite later on with my tutorial series. How to make a proper animated registration form I will show you later. But first you should learn UI widgets so that you can fit according to your need.

Tip – While using Radio Button you should use RadioGroup in xml ,that’s a good practice for being a developer .

Download Code

So lets start with designing part . main.xml

Now , working with MainActivity I am going to give the file name is the Java file I have just defined the below line i.e.

Ouput – radio_button This is the quick and simple Radio Button in android application. You guys can include these two lines as I above mentioned. and can have the access in your app. For more query and suggestions please comment here . 😛


As per the name suggests Alert Dialog Box is same as other programming language . It shows or prompt user that so you really want to exit this application or similar things. Lets Explore – Download Code

1). First of all create new project and in activity_main.xml file their is nothing special but if you want to develop something interesting app then you can customize by your own like on back button press Alert dialog box etc.

2). , I include AlertDialog.Builder class and via its object I set Message , Title and other properties like  two buttons namely yes or no etc . 

Output – alertdialogboxAny query or customization on this tutorial , feel free to share . Happy Coding :p


Working with EditText ,TextView and Buttons is simple as simple in Java. How to get values from EditText and how to set OnClickListener to Our Button and set on TextView is simple.How? Lets code –

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1). First of all create new project and then open its activity_main.xml file and take two Edittext ,TextView with one Button .

2). Now I’am going to show you how to get values from EditText and Onclick of Button and will Toast those Strings and also set those values over TextView.


Result –


Now file what we have to do is get the values from  EditText via e1.getText() method where e1 is our EditText etc. And set onClickListener on button b1.

Output –


You can customize your java code according to your need like if you want to take this string values from one Activity to another Activity you can use Intent .

For more Queries and if you found any bug do Post here . Happy Coding nerds :p



Spinner is a Android Widget which is used to select one value among lot of values given in array.It is very simple to work with. lets code –

Download Code

First of all you have to take spinner widget in activity_main.xml ,

Now in you have to define a String type Array and adapter and set adapter to spinner .

Make sure your file should implement AdapterView.OnItemSelectedListener . I take version Array of String type and Adapter aa .

Output –

spinner output spinner_output

For more queries and tutorials do post here and comment . Happy coding :p

Option Menu

Android Menus is one of the best Part in Android Apps . As a Android developer we should use it whenever we need Views which are not so important like “About us”,”Like and share” etc. Lets explore –

Download Code


1) .  create new project in eclipse IDE  , goto File => New => Android Project . Give your desire Project Name .

2). create menu.xml under Layout folder .


main.xml is your main activity in which you will inflate the menu .

Final Output


Final Output


Now RUN your project and for queries and errors do post happy coding 🙂



Toast in Android is something in  which developer can see their result’s ,ouput’s . lets code ….

1). First take Button in  activity_main.xml . After Taking Button in xml file go for file .

2) .

Output – toast output   For more queries and tutorials visit my other tutorials and do comment and post here 🙂 happy coding :p