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The Android Library offers a number of features that are not built into the framework. These libraries offers backward compatible version of new features, Provide useful UI elements that are not included in the framework, and provide a range of utilities that apps can drawn on.  with the libraries you can add new function to your app without writing new code from scratch.

Some of the libraries are Paid and others are free but it does’t matters alot because all you need is to make the app amazing by using either ways.

Below is the 10 Libraries that you can use to transform your app and make it Amazing:

 Draggable View:  Draggable view the library that lets user to drag and drop. You can apply this functionality to the whole view to make your app attractive.

drag view


 DragShortList View: DragShortListView allow you to Drag and Drop elements in the list view and rearrange them. By using this you can give professional look and feel to the application. By this you can simply arrange the order of the items in he list view.

 Material File Picker: Suppose If your application become full of different activities and you want your user to choose a file, now you either use an intent and let them use default file manager like most of the application does, or you can build something within your application by using this library. This will saves your time from starting your code from scratch and allow you to keep your visitors within your app. This Materal File Picker use the material design so it will look modern and clean. code is here

file picker


 Tooleap SDK:  Tooleap SDK is the section of libraries that let you turn any activity in floating away-on-top of windows. These activities can then be minimized to become smaller bubbles that don’t interrupt user. He can select or discard the activity when he want to. click to get.

 BlurView: Blurview library lets you blur not only image but also elements of the UI, It act like a simple FrameLayout that blur all the underling contents. Get Here




 Android Shape Image View:  By using this library you can make the images in different shapes. This is the library to crop your image into hearts, circles, stars and squares. It is perfect for SMS apps. Take it from here.


 Android View Animation:  This view is a great fun.  These can be used on any view and include a large section of different movement from shaking to zooming out and bouncing the word. You can get this code from here.

 Android Image Slider: It is also a animation library. It is wonderful for custom photo albums and album covers in music players and give you lot of fun animation. Click here to get

 Talk: This library allows you to add voice interaction to your app. It will make your app more attractive and impressive without using a hard code. Grab it here

 HandWave: It is pretty impressive. How it will look like if you wave away notification or swipe through the notification without touching the screen. Yes it comes in HandWave library.              Get code from here

There many more libraries you can check the codes on GitHub and Android Arsenal.

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