WiFi Access From The Sky – Facebook Tests Fly Internet WiFi To All Using beaming drones


Morning fellas ! Interesting News coming from the Technology market is that Facebook going to provide WiFi Internet access to all by using drones which will do the same work as Google going to do with 20 Km above balloon which going to provide Internet access to all.

After Google, Facebook is on the way to provide this Technology in 2015 . Social Marketing giant Mark Zuckerberg is talked with Internet.org in order to provide the global Internet to all.

The idea behind this fly Internet WiFi is that Facebook going to test Internet beaming drones in the sky and thus people can access it on different different IP address.

The Cost analysis will be main factor , even though Mark is very much dedicated towards it and want to provide Internet access without any hectic data packs .People can choose their WiFi plans according to their need.


(Image source – www.mobiletor.com)

Using beaming drones for WiFi access , idea behind it is that he wants precise control over the location of the aircraft which is not possible on balloons technique.

The guys behind the worlds major unnamed solar aircraft called Zephyr is going to join Facebook team soon for this remarkable project .

Hope this project of Facebook going to a boom for all where Internet connectivity is not reached and thus it provides Internet to all so that all can join with their loved once .

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