Wire App and Its Feature Unveil – A new Messaging App,can Replace Whatsapp & Viber

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Hello all , Hope you doing great! Here is the news coming from the Google and other platform that Wire.com just launched instant messaging App on Play store ,Apple store,OS x,Windows and for browsers. but it is coming soon on browser and windows.It is developed by some core members behind Skype.

So last night i downloaded this application and saw its feature and yes their are some confusing areas in this app but believe me it just a boom for those who want change in their life , something trendy,Its GUI (Graphical User Interface ) makes it lovable. “For beautiful conversations,this is the best modern tool to use with” .Lets start with it features –

First of all this app covers all the basic feature like text chat,audio video sharing and one of the major functionality i.e voice calling with bestest audio feature.

Its a Modern Era Skype –

Co-founder of skype friis said “Skype was launched more than a decade ago,” said Friis. “A lot has changed since then — we are all used to free calls and texting, and we have taken to carrying our computers in our pockets. It is time to create the best possible communication tools, as beautiful as they are useful.”

A lot of changes are done in this brand new App like the bells and ping option with a great sound apart from this its beautiful design will definitely kill people .Their are a lot of Instant messaging giant available on the market till date a some of them already have different different feature like voice call , text,some of them have VOIP-enabled but how to get all these feature on the same App , with a beautiful and unique design.

SO , what you think Wire will cross the landmark of Whatsapp and viber ? I think it will but after some updation. You can download the Wire Application on Android , IOS ,OSX and other platforms are coming soon.



Inside Wire :

First of all when you launch the application it will ask you for the email and password type Registration so some of the user find it difficult and some find it better , and when you jump inside it you will see their is message says pull down to start for showing contacts.



So after this you can start connecting your contacts and others also.You can send request by pressing connect and then you can start chatting and other function.

The surprising User Interface is that you will see only blinking tab and one click let you type the task and if you swipe that Tab then it will show you 3 new feature like voice call , picture share and one of my best thing i.e ping with a beautiful sound and animation.


This application uses opus – that is an open source audio Codec, this application promises for the best user experience that you will heard a best audio quality over network. I tested this application to call my local friend over 3G Network and first of all i didn’t find any button to accept call then i called it on loudspeaker.and it sounds cool without breakage.Call was of 1.3 minutes only .

You can share streaming video’s of Youtube and SoundCloud .You can share video,audio’s over chats and can be played without leaving the application and I am sure this is awesome.But some updation is needed.

Setup the Profile-How can I forget this awesome feature –

During setup of profile picture it shows you to choose it from gallery and camera and it has some kind of render-er tool so that you can change the saturation of the app and it is also works as you App theme ,According to your profile picture your Application theme will also get change.

Profile picture is of full screen on the background with a glassy effect looks awesome.

Group Chat –

This feature is also available and its emoticons is beautiful designed but lil bit confusing for the new user to fin its features.So their is also a option to get help and settings.



So I am going to give  4 star out of 5 to this app and this going to be good one after some update and yeah if you have any suggestions and want to learn android application tutorials visit Advance . Please use this application and you can share your views regarding this application,(image source – venturebeat.com).


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