Your lost phone can be found by Google’s New My Account, Lost My Phone Feature in android device

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“My account” page has been updated by Google for securing our Gmail and other services with a new feature known as Find My Phone. It will enable people to secure there smartphones by locking down and locating it.

Google Says:

Find Your Phone feature will help people to find there phones in case if it get lost or stollen.  By this you can not only locate your phone, but also lock it or call it, secure your account, leave a call back number on your screen and can do many more. This feature can be used to find lost phones whether it is android or iOS, you’ll also be able to access it by searching on Google for “I Lost My Phone”.

soon Google will add an easy way to access My Account  in smartphones by voice(Ok Google, show me My Google Account”).

Previously we can find our phone by Google search service but this is one step ahead of this


source: Android central

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