Kotlin – Its features, Jobs and Salaries-2019

Hello All, As you all know in Google I/O-17 kotlin becomes an official language to develop Android Applications in Android Studio. Since then It becomes very popular amongst all the developers. I found this language an awesomely designed w.r.t ease & architecture.

As per Kotlin official website 65% developers already been migrated in Kotlin as Android,Back-end worldwide.

It’s Features:

1. Variable declaration:

Kotlin uses 2 types of keywords for variable declaration i.e “Var” and “Val”.

Val -Whose value will be going to remain same just like final keyword in Java. eg :- val BASEURL : String = “http://xyz.com”

Var – Means variable, whose value is going to change. eg- var count : Int = 100

2. Conditional Logics becomes easier to write.

2. Null Safety using Safe Calls, Elvis operator and Assertion operator. We will discuss this in a detailed post.

4. Support of Higher-order functions – We can pass one function to another function as an argument.

5. Objects become Property of a Class and finally its time to say bye-bye to getter and setter.

6. Interoperability – Supports Java within Kotlin code.

7. Improved app performance using Coroutines – Use to run long-running task asynchronously.

Jobs & Salaries in India :

I think in 2019 80% of the companies are asking for at least o6 months – 1 year of experience in Kotlin which is mandatory and those who are new and want to migrate from Java to Kotlin this is the right time.

In terms of salaries, there is a blog HouseBot in which they have ranked Kotlin in top 2 in 2019.


So, all these points gained my attention towards Kotlin and I must say It is a beautifully designed language for developers. I will cover all the topics step by step in my upcoming posts. So stay tuned with me and keep following Android Arena. For any suggestions and request kindly post a down comment below.

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